Trail a Bikes

Trail a Bikes, also called Pedal bike trailers, make it possible to transport cargo, pets or your kids by bicycle.  Pedal bike trailers have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they make it easy to increase a bike’s cargo capacity so that the rider can reduce their dependency on their cars or the bus.  Using pedal bike trailers is also a way for parents to bond with their children who can ride along while Mom or Dad gets their exercise outside.

Unlike typical bicycle trailers, in which the child just ride’s along in the seat, a pedal bike trailer actually engages the child as a rider, allowing them to pedal along right behind the rider, while attached to the adult’s bike frame via a secure hitch design.  Pedal bike trailers are popular with adults who have older kids who may not be ready for their own long ride on a kid’s bike, yet who are strong enough to pedal along for longer distances.  A pedal bike trailer gives kids the freedom of helping Mom or Dad speed along down the path with making them try to keep up with you while maintaining balance on tricky bike trailers.

With pedal bike trailers, parents can truly take their child anywhere that they can take their bike.  Instead of being restricted to your neighborhood park or bike trail, pedal bike trailers take your family bike rides to the next level, with fast, easy installation so that you can get on the road and get outdoors instead of hassling with something that is difficult to install.  Taking a bike ride will never be the same again once your child experiences the independence that comes with having their own set of pedals to operate.  Too tired to pedal?  Not quite ready to help out?  Perhaps the best feature of pedal bike trailers is their versatility.  When not in use, the pedals on these types of trailers can be easily put away, allowing the child to relax and enjoy the ride.  Parents love this added touch that is found on most pedal bike trailers, as it gives kids an option when they are out on the trail.

Biking with kids doesn’t have to be a challenge.  With pedal bike trailers, kids can really be present for the fun, contributing their own pedaling to the ride which makes them feel accomplished and important.  Put that together with an easy to use design that is safe and effective for nearly all types of adult bikes, and you’ve got yourself a hobby that all children will enjoy, while giving yourself some important physical activity as well.  It truly is a win-win for kids and their parents, as biking outdoors together as parent and child is truly something that every child will take with them and remember when they are older – perhaps even making it an activity that they will share and pass down to their child someday down the road.

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