Trail Gator Bicycle Tow Bar in Black, Red, or Blue

Trail Gator Bicycle Tow Bar


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The Trail Gator Bike Tow Bar is the most convenient and fun way to bring your child along for the ride on their own bike while still keeping them close through a simple attachment.  The Trail Gator Bike Tow Bar attaches to the back of any adult bike, allowing you to tow your child’s bike directly behind you while you ride.  The tow bar can hold a maximum weight of 70.5 lbs., and fits 12in to 20in kid’s bikes.


Featuring easy, tool-free installation and fast removal when not in use, the Trail Gator Bike Tow Bar is the fastest way to get both you and your child out on the road.  The Trail Gator Bike Tow Bar was designed with a built-in quick release that is a cinch to use, allowing parents to hook up or remove their child’s bike in seconds.  The tow bar sits in a stored position on the adult bike when not in use, and is simply extended out and mounted onto the child’s bike when they need a tow.  Once the bikes are connected, the front wheel is lifted off of the ground, and a stabilizing bar prevents the handlebars from turning, which leaves the adult in charge of steering.  Kids can either coast or pedal while they are riding, giving them a fun option to rest when they are too tired to ride on their own.


Younger kids who aren’t quite ready to keep up with Mom and Dad on their first bike love the Trail Gator Bike Tow, as it allows them to feel like they are riding on their own.  By giving kids the option to pedal or to coast while connected, they can work on developing their leg strength at their own pace, while working on balance and other aspects of riding when they are riding unattached.  For many kids who aren’t quite ready for longer rides through the local park or for trips on a longer trail, the Trail Gator Bike Tow is the perfect option that every parent can set up quickly and easily.  Bikes can be mounted and removed in a matter of seconds, making it easy to switch from riding on their own to “helping” by riding with Mom or Dad.   Kids love being able to pedal on their own, and you won’t have to worry about what to do when your child becomes to tired to finish a ride.

The Trail Gator Bike Tow allows you to share the joy of long bike rides with your child without requiring them to ride in a booster seat that they have outgrown or on their own bike, which might not be good for long rides.  By allowing them the option of either riding on their own or being connected to a grown-up’s bike, kids can develop their biking skills at their own pace, giving them time to develop the strength and know-how to ride safely.


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